Friday, February 15th

  • Feb15
    William and Mary Middle School Model UN
    Campus Center
    From Friday, February 15 through Sunday, February 17, the William & Mary International Relations Club will be hosting approximately 600 to 800 middle school students at the Campus Center and around the College campus.
  • Feb158:15am - 9:15am
    Student Recreation Center, Group Fitness Studio
    With instructor Ling. This ancient art is a great way to get fit both mentally and physically. Utilizing stretching, breathing and strengthening movements, yoga is a perfect way to revitalize and energize your body.
  • Feb159am - 5pm
    MetroLink DC 2013
    Off-Campus, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • Feb1510am
    Information Session & Tour
    Admission (Undergraduate), Session Room
    Join us for an opportunity to explore all that makes the W&M experience unique. {{,Register Now}}.
  • Feb1510am
    Men's Swimming vs. First Day
    Charlottesville, Va.
  • Feb1510am
    Women's Swimming vs. First Day
    Charlottesville, Va.
  • Feb1512pm - 12:30pm
    Government Honors Colloquium
    Blow Memorial Hall, Room 201
    Greg Yellen will present his Honors thesis research on "The United States and Postwar Challengers: Applying an Interest-Based Prism."
  • Feb1512pm - 12:45pm
    Fac/Staff Pilates
    Student Recreation Center, Group Fitness Studio
    With Instructor Melanie, pilates is a mat-based conditioning routine that helps build flexibility and long, lean muscles, and strength and endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips, and back.
  • Feb1512pm - 1pm
    Health Care Careers - Physician Assistant
    Cohen Career Center
    Have you considered becoming a Physician Assistant? Learn all about the profession from Emily Dudley, a PA at Patriot Primary Care. She will discuss education and training, work settings, daily activities, and lifestyle, as well as answer your questions.
  • Feb1512:30pm - 5pm
    Prospective Transfer Day Event
    Admission (Undergraduate)
    If you are interested in transferring to W&M and are looking for more information about the process, attend one of our Prospective Transfer Days. Meet W&M students and staff and and ask questions about the campus community and application process.
  • Feb151:30pm - 2pm
    English Honors Colloquium
    Blow Memorial Hall, Room 201
    Emma Aylor will present her Honors project research on " 'The vernacular of light': Wallace Stevens' Constructions of Belief."
  • Feb152pm
    2013 W&M Global Film Festival
    Kimball Theatre
    La machine a laver/The Washing Machine (2012 / Canada / Danny Lynch / 17m / NR) Circumstance (2011/ Iran-France/ USA/ Maryam Keshavarz/ 107m) Co-sponsored by The Critchfield Foundation and the Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Program
  • Feb152pm - 3pm
    A Conversation with Matthew Harrington, GCOO, Edelman
    Cohen Career Center, Atrium/Lobby
    Join the Cohen Career Center for a Conversation with Matthew Harrington, Global Chief Operating Officer, Edelman -- the worlds largest public relations firm!
  • Feb152pm - 3pm
    On general invertibility of idempotent operators
    Jones Hall, Room 301
    Colloquium talk by Chunyuan Deng, School of Mathematics Science, South China Normal University
  • Feb152pm - 11:55pm
    2013 W&M Global Film Festival: "Film & Youth" (DAY 2)
    Off-Campus, Kimball Theatre on Merchants Square
    Friday's GFF highlights include the Iranian film Circumstance, a W&M filmmaking showcase, the French film Tomboy co-sponsored with the W&M French and Francophone Film Festival, and a late-night screening of The Fall.
  • Feb152:30pm
    Information Session & Tour
    Admission (Undergraduate), Session Room
    Join us for an opportunity to explore all that makes the W&M experience unique. {{,Register Now}}.
  • Feb153pm - 4pm
    Chemistry Spring Seminar Series
    ISC1 (Integrated Science Center), Room 1127
    Jim Killarney of the University of Maine presents "Fluorescence Spectroscopy as a Rapid, Cost-Effective Method to Quantify and Characterize Low Levels of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Environmental Water Samples"
  • Feb153pm - 4pm
    Colloquium: Rational Processes -- Beyond Markov Chains
    McGlothlin-Street Hall, Room 20
    Peter Buchholz, Department of Computer Science, TU Dortmund, will introduce Rational Processes and show that, when compared to Markov Processes, they define a modeling approach to handle large state spaces in an efficient way.
  • Feb153pm - 4pm
    Theatre Honors Colloquium
    Blow Memorial Hall, Room 201
    Nick Martin and Ben Lauer will present their Honors project research.
  • Feb153:30pm
  • Feb153:30pm - 4:30pm
    Compass: Going to Grad School
    Cohen Career Center, Presentation Rooms A&B
    Freshmen & Sophomores, come to this workshop to learn about the different types of graduate programs, how to research them, basic information about admissions testing and the application process.
  • Feb154pm
  • Feb154pm
    Men's Tennis vs. N.C. State
    Williamsburg (MNTC)
  • Feb154:15pm - 5:15pm
    Student Recreation Center, Multi-Purpose Studio
    With Courtney, Zumba fuses Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic workout system that will get you hooked! Come try out this total body cardio and toning workout that is more fun than it is work! Join the party!
  • Feb154:30pm - 5:20pm
    Student Recreation Center, Multipurpose Studio
    With instructor Remy, awesome music, motivation, and enthusiastic coaching leads participants through Spinning(TM) routines that are designed to simulate situations similar to cycling outdoors!
  • Feb155:30pm - 6:30pm
    Student Recreation Center, Group Fitness Studio
    With Paul & Terry. The original barbell class that strengthens your entire body.
  • Feb155:30pm - 6:30pm
    Happy Hour
    Student Recreation Center, Group Fitness Studio
    T.G.I.F.! Every Friday, the instructor and the class will change. Get ready for exciting themes, intense fusion classes and a lot of fun! Check online or outside of the fitness studios to see what is coming next!
  • Feb155:45pm
    Making Muslim Sense of Japan
    Alan B. Miller Hall, Room 1082
    "Making Muslim Sense of Japan: Anti-Colonial Japanophilia and the Constraints of a Muslim Japanology, c. 1890 - 1930" delivered by Nile Green, UCLA Department of History.
  • Feb156pm - 7pm
    2013 W&M Global Film Festival
    Kimball Theatre
    W&M Filmmaking Showcase
  • Feb156pm - 8pm
    The Global Poverty Project presents "1.4 Billion Reasons"
    Small Hall, Room 110
    1.4 Billion Reasons is a thought provoking presentation that moves audiences to make simple lifestyle changes. These changes will enable the world's poorest to break the poverty cycle.
  • Feb157pm
    2013 W&M Global Film Festival
    Kimball Theatre
    Tomboy (2011 / France / Celine Sciamma / 82m /Not Rated) Presented by Prof. Leisa Meyer, Associate Professor of History and Women's Studies Screening Co-Sponsored by The W&M French and Francophone Film Festival - (WM4F)
  • Feb158pm
  • Feb159pm
    Comedian Ty Barnett in Lodge 1 @ 9 p.m.
    Sadler Center, Lodge 1
    Ty Barnett performs regularly on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and now is here for us in Lodge 1! He has been a runner-up in Last Comic Standing, appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and voted Up-and-Coming Comedian of the year in 2002.
  • Feb159pm - 10pm
    2013 W&M Global Film Festival
    Kimball Theatre Lobby
    W&M Festival Reception
  • Feb1510pm
    2013 W&M Global Film Festival
    Kimball Theatre
    Global Youth Film Selected by Popular Vote: The Fall (2006 / USA-India / Tarsem Singh / 117m / R)


  • Feb13
    14th Annual Honors Colloquium
    Blow Memorial Hall, Room 201
    Through this annual event, students pursuing Honors projects have the chance to present their work to faculty members and their fellow students. {{, See Full Schedule}}
  • Feb9
    Michelangelo: Sacred and Profane
    Muscarelle Museum of Art
    The exhibition, Michelangelo: Sacred and Profane, Masterpiece Drawings from the Casa Buonarroti, honors the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Muscarelle Museum in 1983.
  • Feb74pm
    Brian Kelley at Andrews Gallery
    Andrews Hall, Andrews Gallery
    Visiting Assistant Professor Brian Kelley will exhibit his paintings and drawings at Andrews Gallery from February 7 - 28, 2013.
  • Feb6
    Under the Shield: The Federal Occupation of the Historic Triangle
    Swem Library, Nancy Marshall Gallery, first floor
    This exhibit explores the federal occupation of the Historic Triangle during the Civil War and its impact on area residents. Letters, newspaper articles and other items reveal a unified hope for the war to end, but with varied desired outcomes.
  • Feb4
    The Inevitable Present: Integration at William & Mary
    Swem Library, Marshall Gallery (1st floor Rotunda) and Read & Relax area
    Integration at William & Mary was not achieved simply with the acceptance of the first students of color; instead it has been a decades-long process. A new exhibit at Swem Library traces the admission of some of the first W&M African American students.
  • Jan16
    Spring 2013 Personal Training Course
    Student Recreation Center, Conference Room
    An 11-week in-house training program designed to provide William and Mary students with the information, instruction, education, and practical experience needed to become personal trainers.
  • Jan7
    War of 1812 Exhibit at Swem Library
    Swem Library, Special Collections Research Center
    Visit the new exhibit "The Enemy Has Disappeared From Our Waters: The War of 1812 in Southeastern Virginia" in Swem's Special Collections now-April 12. In letters, maps, and testimony those affected by the war tell their part of its larger narrative.
  • Mar26
    Open Minds: An Exhibit of Psychology Department Faculty Publications
    Swem Library, Bright Gallery
    "Open Minds: An Exhibit of Psychology Department Faculty Publications" displays significant published works and awards won by this outstanding group of faculty members.
  • Oct38am
    From Fights to Rights: The Long Road to a More Perfect Union Exhibits
    Swem Library, Special Collections Research Center
    Visit Swem Library for exhibits from the "From Fights To Rights" project commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement. Exhibits rotate at least twice each year.
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