Friday, April 12th

  • Apr12All day
    Relay for Life at W&M
    Busch Field
    Relay for Life is an overnight event (6 p.m.-6 a.m.) open to students, faculty & staff and dedicated to raising money for the American Cancer Society. Form a team at {{, Relay For Life}} and join us at Busch Field on April 12!
  • Apr128am - 4pm
    2013 Norfolk Southern Excellence in Financial Reporting Conference
    Alan B. Miller Hall, Brinkley Commons Room
    Join the Mason School of Business for the 2013 Norfolk Southern Excellence in Financial Reporting Conference.
  • Apr128:15am - 9:15am
    Student Recreation Center, Group Fitness Studio
    With instructor Ling. This ancient art is a great way to get fit both mentally and physically. Utilizing stretching, breathing and strengthening movements, yoga is a perfect way to revitalize and energize your body.
  • Apr129:30am - 11:30am
    Deloitte Consulting Coffee Chats
    Cohen Career Center, Atrium
  • Apr1210am
    Information Session & Tour
    Admission (Undergraduate), Session Room
    Join us for an opportunity to explore all that makes the W&M experience unique. {{,Register Now}}.
  • Apr1211:30am - 1:30pm
    Barriers to Creativity
    School of Education, Room 2030
    Grab your lunch and join us for an interactive session on recognizing and overcoming blocks to creativity and innovation!
  • Apr1212pm - 12:45pm
    Fac/Staff Pilates
    Student Recreation Center, Group Fitness Studio
    With Instructor Melanie, pilates is a mat-based conditioning routine that helps build flexibility and long, lean muscles, and strength and endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips, and back.
  • Apr1212pm - 4pm
    Just In Time Career Fair
    Sadler Center, Tidewater Room
  • Apr1212:50pm - 2pm
    Hon. Margaret Focarino, U.S. Commissioner for Patents
    Law School, Room 124
    The Student Intellectual Property Society is pleased to host Margaret Focarino, United States Commissioner for Patents, for a lecture at the law school on current issues in intellectual property. Lunch will be served - RSVP here:
  • Apr122pm - 3pm
    On the algebras generated by Toeplitz operators with piecewise continuous symbols
    Jones Hall, Room 301
    Talk by Nikolai Vasilevski, CINVESTAV, Mexico
  • Apr122:30pm
    Information Session & Tour
    Admission (Undergraduate), Session Room
    Join us for an opportunity to explore all that makes the W&M experience unique. {{,Register Now}}.
  • Apr123pm
    Focus On: Helping Recommenders Write Strong Letters
    Blow Memorial Hall, Room 201
    We've all felt it: the panic before you ask a professor for a letter of recommendation. Come to this Focus On to learn how to communicate effectively with your professors and recommenders and get great letters!
  • Apr123pm - 4pm
    Chemistry Spring Seminar Series
    ISC1 (Integrated Science Center), Room 1127
    Jon Dattelbaum, University of Richmond presents "Natural Products Discovery in New Zealand"
  • Apr123pm - 4pm
    Colloquium: Fast and Accurate Tomography
    McGlothlin-Street Hall, Room 20
    Eric de Sturler, Department of Mathematics, Virginia Tech, will introduce some of the complications of tomography that make accurate reconstruction computationally expensive and then describe some recent approaches to solve these problems much faster.
  • Apr123pm - 6pm
    Lecture by Shanti Morell-Hart
    Tyler Hall, Room 201
    Prof. Shanti Morell-Hart, Department of Anthropology, will speak on "Archaeological Approaches to Gastronomic Heritage." Presented by the Pre-Modern Studies Forum.
  • Apr123:30pm
    Where does oyster poop go? Investigations of bivalve biodeposit dispersal from aquaculture farms
    VIMS - Watermen's Hall, McHugh Auditorium
    Dr. Larry Sanford, Professor at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences, will discuss how bivalve biodeposits from aquaculture farms impact water quality.
  • Apr123:45pm - 5pm
    Looking Like A State, But Not Being One: The Real Governance Problem In Development
    Small Hall, Room 110
    Lecture by Matt Andrews, Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Co-hosted by the Reves Center for International Studies and the Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations.
  • Apr124pm
    Biology Seminar: Richard Peek (Vanderbilt)
    Washington Hall, Room 201
    "Heavy metal and H. pylori: a recipe for disaster"
  • Apr124pm
    Fulbright Friday: Writing the Fulbright Personal Statement
    Blow Memorial Hall, Room 201
    The Fulbright personal statement can be the most challenging part of the application, but it's also your opportunity to be creative! Let us help you generate ideas for your personal statement.
  • Apr124pm - 5pm
    Physics Colloquium
    Small Hall, Room 111
    Dr. Richard Averitt, Boston University, Title of Talk: "Terahertz Dynamics and Control in Complex Materials"
  • Apr124:15pm - 5:15pm
    Student Recreation Center, Multi-Purpose Studio
    With Courtney, Zumba fuses Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic workout system that will get you hooked! Come try out this total body cardio and toning workout that is more fun than it is work! Join the party!
  • Apr124:30pm
    "Henri Desgrange, Cycling, and the Shape of the French National Body"
    Tyler Hall, Room 102
    Prof. Rebecca Wines (Cornell College) will be speaking on "Henri Desgrange, Cycling, and the Shape of the French National Body," on Friday, April 12, at 4:30 p.m. in Tyler 102.
  • Apr124:30pm
    Faculty/Student Spring Picnic
    James Blair Hall, Outside by the statue of JB
    Come join the Philosophy department by the statue of James Blair for a BBQ and a volleyball match.
  • Apr124:30pm - 5:20pm
    Student Recreation Center, Multipurpose Studio
    With instructor Remy, awesome music, motivation, and enthusiastic coaching leads participants through Spinning(TM) routines that are designed to simulate situations similar to cycling outdoors!
  • Apr125pm
    Brute Force: Livestock and Labor in Ottoman Egypt, 1750-1850
    Tyler Hall, Room 201
    Delivered by Alan Mikhail, Yale University Department of History.
  • Apr125pm - 6pm
    W&M Student Literary Awards Ceremony
    Tyler Hall, Room 301
    A ceremony to announce the prizewinners of the 2013 student literary awards contest, and celebrate the flourishing writing life at W&M.
  • Apr125pm
    New River Gorge White Water Rafting
    Off-Campus, New River Gorge
    Ever wanted to raft the New River? Of course you have! And now is your chance, with the TAP!
  • Apr125:30pm - 6:30pm
    Student Recreation Center, Group Fitness Studio
    With Paul & Terry. The original barbell class that strengthens your entire body.
  • Apr125:30pm - 6:30pm
    Happy Hour
    Student Recreation Center, Group Fitness Studio
    T.G.I.F.! Every Friday, the instructor and the class will change. Get ready for exciting themes, intense fusion classes and a lot of fun! Check online or outside of the fitness studios to see what is coming next!
  • Apr126:30pm
    Lecture: Unclenching Our Fists: Negotiation Strategy With Iran
    School of Education, Matoaka Woods
    Lecture given by Ambassador Thomas Pickering, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Part of the MUN conference hosted by the W&M International Relations Club.
  • Apr127pm


  • Mar2110am
    Andrews Gallery: Stephen Mohring: arboreal
    Andrews Hall, Andrews Gallery
    Andrews Gallery and the Department of Art & Art History presents the work of sculptor Stephen Mohring March 21 - April 18, 2013. Mohring is also giving an artist's talk Thursday, March 21st at 4 p.m. in Andrews 101. A reception will follow.
  • Mar1
    Lost & Found at W&M
    Swem Library, Read & Relax area, 1st floor
    Over the years some College artifacts, library possessions and personal items that had been lost have been returned to the College. Many lost treasures now make their home in Swem Library's Special Collections. A new exhibit displays some of these items.
  • Feb27
    Jefferson Hall Fire: 30th Anniversary
    Swem Library, Case next to Tribe TutorZone
    Through photos and interviews, the Jefferson Hall Fire exhibit captures the devastating results of a fire that broke out in one of the College's dormitories in 1983.
  • Feb9
    Michelangelo: Sacred and Profane
    Muscarelle Museum of Art
    The exhibition, Michelangelo: Sacred and Profane, Masterpiece Drawings from the Casa Buonarroti, honors the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Muscarelle Museum in 1983.
  • Feb6
    Under the Shield: The Federal Occupation of the Historic Triangle
    Swem Library, Nancy Marshall Gallery, first floor
    This exhibit explores the federal occupation of the Historic Triangle during the Civil War and its impact on area residents. Letters, newspaper articles and other items reveal a unified hope for the war to end, but with varied desired outcomes.
  • Feb4
    The Inevitable Present: Integration at William & Mary
    Swem Library, Marshall Gallery (1st floor Rotunda) and Read & Relax area
    Integration at William & Mary was not achieved simply with the acceptance of the first students of color; instead it has been a decades-long process. A new exhibit at Swem Library traces the admission of some of the first W&M African American students.
  • Jan7
    War of 1812 Exhibit at Swem Library
    Swem Library, Special Collections Research Center
    Visit the new exhibit "The Enemy Has Disappeared From Our Waters: The War of 1812 in Southeastern Virginia" in Swem's Special Collections now-April 12. In letters, maps, and testimony those affected by the war tell their part of its larger narrative.
  • Mar26
    Open Minds: An Exhibit of Psychology Department Faculty Publications
    Swem Library, Bright Gallery
    "Open Minds: An Exhibit of Psychology Department Faculty Publications" displays significant published works and awards won by this outstanding group of faculty members.
  • Oct38am
    From Fights to Rights: The Long Road to a More Perfect Union Exhibits
    Swem Library, Special Collections Research Center
    Visit Swem Library for exhibits from the "From Fights To Rights" project commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement. Exhibits rotate at least twice each year.
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