Wednesday, July 17th

  • Jul179am - 4pm
    TIAA Counseling
    Sadler Center, York
  • Jul1712pm - 12:45pm
    Body Pump
    Student Recreation Center
    Instructors: Jenny & Beth Summer Session 2
  • Jul1712pm - 1pm
    Lunch & Learn Summer Series: Maps Online
    Swem Library, Ford Classroom, ground floor
    Our final session will introduce you to Maps Online. Discover major entry points to online maps, from thematic subjects like the Civil War or National Parks to real-time data and maps for locals. Bring your lunch; we'll provide drinks & dessert.
  • Jul172:30pm - 3:30pm
    Human Resources Discoverer Training
    Bell Hall, Training Room
    HR Discoverer Training shows you how to request labor distribution reports via Discoverer on expenses paid to your employees and download these reports into Excel.
  • Jul175:30pm - 6:30pm
    Student Recreation Center
    Instructor: Kim Summer Session 1
  • Jul176:45pm - 7:45pm
    Body Combat
    Student Recreation Center
    Instructor: Kristin & Terrence SS:2
  • Jul178pm
    King Richard III
    Phi Beta Kappa (PBK) Memorial Hall
    Shakespeare's The Tragedy of King Richard III directed by VSF alumnus David Zarko.


  • Jul89am
    Summer Enrichment Program at W&M
    Various classrooms will be used on the College campus - classroom assignments will be given in participant confirmation letters
  • Jun18
    Undergraduate Research in St. Petersburg, Russia
    Off-Campus, St. Petersburg University, St. Petersburg, Russia
    W&M students are conducting field research in St. Petersburg, Russia. Program director: Frederick Corney (June 18 - July 30, 2013)
  • Jun10
    Presidents of the College of William & Mary
    Swem Library, Exhibit case located by Brown Board Room, 3rd floor
    This exhibit is part of a continuing series about the presidents of the College of William & Mary. It provides a history of the College as seen through the eyes of its presidents.
  • Jun10
  • May10
    States' Rights v. Civil Rights
    Swem Library, Marshall Gallery, 1st floor Rotunda
    Conceived as a demonstration of American Cold War consensus, the Civil War centennial revealed how divided the country remained 100 years after Fort Sumter.
  • Apr17
    Blockades, Books, and Bassinets: Children playing, learning, and surviving during the Civil War
    Swem Library, Special Collections lobby
    Through materials like diaries, letters and photos, Blockades, Books, and Bassinets illustrates the lives of children of various ages, stages, and locations during this period. These are the stories of Charley, Willie, Nell, Lizzie, and many others.
  • Mar1
    Lost & Found at W&M
    Swem Library, Read & Relax area, 1st floor
    Over the years some College artifacts, library possessions and personal items that had been lost have been returned to the College. Many lost treasures now make their home in Swem Library's Special Collections. A new exhibit displays some of these items.
  • Feb27
    Jefferson Hall Fire: 30th Anniversary
    Swem Library, Case next to Tribe TutorZone
    Through photos and interviews, the Jefferson Hall Fire exhibit captures the devastating results of a fire that broke out in one of the College's dormitories in 1983.
  • Feb6
    Under the Shield: The Federal Occupation of the Historic Triangle
    Swem Library, Nancy Marshall Gallery, first floor
    This exhibit explores the federal occupation of the Historic Triangle during the Civil War and its impact on area residents. Letters, newspaper articles and other items reveal a unified hope for the war to end, but with varied desired outcomes.
  • Feb4
    The Inevitable Present: Integration at William & Mary
    Swem Library, Marshall Gallery (1st floor Rotunda) and Read & Relax area
    Integration at William & Mary was not achieved simply with the acceptance of the first students of color; instead it has been a decades-long process. A new exhibit at Swem Library traces the admission of some of the first W&M African American students.
  • Oct38am
    From Fights to Rights: The Long Road to a More Perfect Union Exhibits
    Swem Library, Special Collections Research Center
    Visit Swem Library for exhibits from the "From Fights To Rights" project commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement. Exhibits rotate at least twice each year.
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