Adaptability: Three Start-ups You've Never Heard Of
Wednesday, June 3
1pm - 2pm
Zoom online

Graham Henshaw will present on the topic of Adaptability from the perspective of start-ups.

    (ZOOM) Cornerstone Learning
    Thursday, June 4
    2pm - 3pm
    ZOOM session

    (ZOOM) Cornerstone Learning

    Innovation: Whirlwind Tour
    Tuesday, June 9
    2pm - 3pm
    Zoom online

    Innovation is a huge topic. The whirlwind tour will introduce many key aspects of innovation that pertain to higher education.

      (ZOOM) Cornerstone 101 - Realize Your Potential
      Thursday, June 11
      2pm - 3pm

      Cornerstone 101 - Realize Your Potential

      (ZOOM) Zoom: Changing The Way We Connect!
      Tuesday, June 16
      2pm - 3pm

      Zoom: Changing The Way We Connect!

      Fidelity Investments Counseling Session
      Wednesday, June 17
      9am - 4pm
      Sadler Center, James Room
        Adaptability: Increasing Your Teams Ability to Change
        Thursday, June 18
        1:30pm - 2:30pm
        Zoom online

        Jeanne Wilson will give a presentation on Adaptive Teams and Organizations.

          Innovation: Solutions for a Global Knowledge Economy
          Thursday, June 25
          2pm - 3:30pm
          Zoom online

          The second major presentation in the Learning Forward competency series, Innovation will be discussed in the context of the knowledge economy and a higher education institution's response.

            Virtual Fashion Show Telework Edition!
            Tuesday, June 30
            10am - 10:30am

            Virtual Fashion Show Telework Edition