Mathematics Colloquium:  Daniela Hurtado-Lange (W&M)
Friday, April 1
2pm - 3pm
Jones Hall, Room 301

Title: Minimizing delay in supermarket-checkout systems

Abstract: Today's era of cloud computing and big data is empowered by massive data centers.

Mathematics Colloquium - Tai Melcher (University of Virginia)
Friday, April 8
2pm - 3pm

Women in Science Establishment (WiSE) presents:

Title: Hypoellipticity in infinite dimensions

Cheminar: Atmospheric Aerosol Particle Liquid Phase Transitions + Ice Nucleation Using Microfluidics
Friday, April 8
3pm - 4pm
Integrated Science Center (ISC), 1127 or Virtual

Dr. Cari Dutcher, Univ. of Minnesota presents: Atmospheric Aerosol Particle Liquid Phase Transitions + Ice Nucleation Using Microfluidics

    Chemistry UG Research Showcase!
    Friday, April 15
    3pm - 4pm
    Integrated Science Center (ISC), 1127 and ISC Atrium (by Starbucks)

    Undergrad research is a HUGE part of the Chemistry Department's mission. Come see our UG researchers and their findings during our department Research Recruitment event!

      GIS Careers and GISP Certification - CGA Speaker Series
      Friday, April 22
      2pm - 3pm
      Swem Library, CGA Office, Swem 213

      The Center for Geospatial Analysis will host Dr. Matt Gerike (GISP) and Dr. Shannon White, two experienced GIS educators and professionals, to hold an open information session about GIS careers, building your GIS portfolio, and the GISP certification.

      Mathematics Colloquium - Jing Wang (University of Illinois Chicago)
      Friday, April 22
      2pm - 3pm

      Speaker: Jing Wang

      Affiliation: Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, University of Illinois Chicago

      Title: Semiparametric estimation of non-ignorable missingness with refreshment sample

      Charles Center Poster Session - Computation, Math & Physics
      Monday, April 25
      2pm - 4pm
      Blow Memorial Hall, Room 201

      Undergraduate researchers present the results of their faculty-mentored research in an informal drop-in session with digital posters. Light refreshments are available at this Undergraduate Research Month event.

      Honors Thesis Defense - Sage Stanish
      Wednesday, April 27
      12:30pm - 1:30pm
      Jones Hall, Room 131

      Title: Counting Holes in Physical Systems


      Visual patterns are everywhere in nature and often give insight into the underlying physical systems that generate them.

      Honors Thesis Defense - Merielyn Sher   
      Thursday, April 28
      1pm - 2pm
      Jones Hall, Room 131

      Title: The Enumeration of Minimum Path Covers of Trees

      Abstract snippet: A path cover of a tree T is a collection of induced paths of T that are vertex disjoint and cover all the vertices of T.

        Honors Thesis Defense - Alexander Berliner
        Thursday, April 28
        3pm - 4:30pm
        Jones Hall, Room 112

        Title:  Period Doubling Cascades from Data

        Abstract:  Orbit diagrams of period doubling cascades represent systems going from periodicity to chaos.

          Mathematics Colloquium - Yehua Li (University of California, Riverside)
          Friday, April 29
          2pm - 3pm
          Virtual - Zoom

          Title: Semiparametric Functional Regression Models with Multivariate Functional Predictors