[PAST EVENT] VIMS Wachapreague Seminar: Exploring the evolutionary ecology of a seaweed invader in Virginia

October 3, 2018
VIMS - Seaside Hall (Eastern Shore Laboratory)
40 Atlantic Avenue
Wachapreague, VA 23480Map this location
Access & Features
  • Open to the public

The red seaweed Gracilaria vermiculophylla forms dense, drifting beds on the mudflats along the coast of Virginia. It was introduced to the area, as well as virtually every other temperate estuary in the Northern Hemisphere, in the middle of the 20th century as a consequence of oyster aquaculture. This talk will highlight how we figured out from where this seaweed came, how it is spread around now that it is here, and some of the quirks of its life cycle. Presented by Stacy A. Krueger-Hadfield, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

There is no charge for this presentation. Seating limited to 60 people. 

If you would like to access the seminar on your home computer, please go to:
http://vims.adobeconnect.com/afterhours and log in as a guest at the date-time of the event. 


Linda Ward 757-787-5816