Japan and East Asia: Redefining Global Business in the 21st Century

March 2, 2018 - March 11, 2018
Tokyo, Japan
tokyo, toyota, global business immersion,  japan

East Asia is one of the most important areas of the global economy both economically and politically. China, Korea, and Japan are at the forefront of defining what the future of business in the 21st Century and beyond. Innovations in robotics and production methods have defined Japanese corporate success over the years. At the same time social and geo-political events and evolutions have presented both opportunities and challenges for this complex and interesting country.

The primary objectives of this course are:

1) to introduce students to the interactive concepts of business and culture as it pertains to U.S.–Japan Trade & Economic Security while at the same time recognizing the interplay across all of East Asia,

2) to enable students to understand the cultural issues at the corporate, national and transnational levels,

3) to provide insights on effective marketing and management decision making in unfamiliar or cross-cultural settings, particularly with respect to Japan unilateral inflow of resources as a historic national security top priority, and

4) most importantly to give students unique experiences with a Japan Inc. cultural immersion.

Course Instructor: Dr. Don Rahtz

Course Manager: Brittney Rakestraw