[PAST EVENT] Chemistry on Ice: Shedding Light on Arctic Halogen Photochemistry

April 16, 2021
3pm - 4pm
Zoom Event

Chemistry on Ice: Shedding Light on Arctic Halogen Photochemistry

 With rapid sea ice loss & warming, there is an urgent need to understand the unique chemistry involving multiphase reactions of atmospheric aerosols and the snow-covered sea ice surface in the Arctic. The Pratt Lab utilizes novel mass spectrometry techniques to measure the complex chemistry of trace gases, aerosols, and snow. Using chemical ionization mass spectrometry, we are advancing understanding of Arctic halogen photochemistry through measurements of trace gas species at ppq to ppt levels, including observations of trace gases species for the first time in the ambient atmosphere. The new chemical insights obtained provide scientific detail needed to understand & predict changing atmospheric composition in the Arctic. 

Dr. Kerri Pratt is an associate professor in the Dept. of Chemistry at the University of Michigan. Her analytical and environmental chemistry research group focuses on field-based mass spectrometry studies of the chemical interactions of atmospheric trace gases and particles in the Arctic and winter time environments.