[PAST EVENT] Movies are Made in Preproduction: Let's Do Some Shots! - Lauretta Prevost '05

February 16, 2018
Swem Library, Reeder Media Center
400 Landrum Dr
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location

Shotlisting a film is one of Lauretta’s favorite parts of filmmaking, where in a calm setting the director and cinematographer can creatively collaborate without the pressure of set. She’ll share her approach to shotlisting a narrative project, both when helming the process and when working as a cinematographer in support a director’s vision. Different compositions, camera movement, camera angles, frame sizes, and mise-en-scene* choices lead to different experiences for viewers. While the main focus will be creative, this session will also touch on the shotlist’s practical affect on the schedule and the budget of the film. This will be a “hands on” workshop dependent on active participation: participants will take a scripted scene and brainstorm the various ways it could be covered, and why, and then compare the work to a previously filmed version of the same scene. Creative brainstorming time, folks; it’s the best! *no one uses this word after college, friends.


Lauretta has worked as a cinematographer for the past ten years. Her areas of focus include narrative projects (features, shorts, and pilots) with an emphasis on narrative with a strong sense of style because that is fun and artistically rewarding, and documentary films (features, shorts, and a side of video journalism), with an emphasis on social justice, because c’mon, people. Lauretta writes on a freelance basis for publications such as American Cinematographer, www.NoFilmSchool.com, Filmmaker Magazine, Al Jazeera, and ICG: International Cinematographer Guild Magazine. She lives in New York City with her very recent finance, and she appreciates puns as much as she appreciates W&M’s Meridian Coffeehouse.