[PAST EVENT] Break Everything &  Don't Let the Gypsy Curse You: Getting Your First Job in Television ‘11

February 17, 2018
Swem Library, Reeder Media Center
400 Landrum Dr
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
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Throwing oneself into the job market like a penniless caterpillar with a venerable knowledge about Adventure Games is a terrifying experience for any graduate. Even more so if one has lost all hope and decided to work in television. But if your school doesn’t have a film degree based in practical experience, how do you do it? The short answer is: regularly facing certain death lifting heavy things, smiling, and answering phones for people on drugs. Drawing from an inappropriate backstory that begins with the W&M 24 Speed Short Film competition, this talk will cover breathtaking topics like – where to look for real film & TV jobs that aren’t porn on Craigslist, what to say and do to get your first (PAID) internship, how to survive said internship without spilling coffee on the Karate Kid, how to avoid watching the Impractical Jokers pose nude for 12 hours, and who to attach yourself to in order to get the job you want. It’s going to be a hot mess.


Sean Cusack ’11 wanted to be a Criminologist, but began working in TV as a joke when there was a federal hiring freeze upon graduating. His mom will never let it go. He has gone on to work with the editing teams behind truTV’s hit series Impractical Jokers, Hulu’s Difficult People, and SyFy’s Happy. He is no fun and can speak a little French.