[PAST EVENT] International Student Organizations Joint Interest Meeting

September 1, 2022
12:45pm - 1:55pm
Law School, Room #119 (also streaming on Zoom)
613 S Henry St
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location

Learn more about the international student organizations at the law school and how to join!

Date: Thursday, September 1, 2022

Time: 12:45-1:55 P.M. (lunch hour)

Location: Room #119 or Zoom (sign up via the link below)

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  • International Law Society (ILS)
  • International Competition Team (ICT)
  • Comparative Legal Student Scholars (CLSS)
  • The Comparative Jurist (CJ)
  • Human Security Law Center (HSLC)
  • Immigration Law & Service Society (ILSS)

Read ahead to learn more about each of these organizations:

  • The International Law Society (ILS) promotes the professional and academic pursuits of William & Mary law students interested in all aspects of international law, from transnational insolvency to human rights. The ILS also fosters interaction among students, faculty and visiting scholars from around the world who are concerned with global issues. By sponsoring, cosponsoring, and promoting events such as guest lectures, roundtables, networking opportunities, film screenings, or other educational programming related to international law or international events affecting domestic law, ILS is committed to educating its members, the broader William & Mary community, and the public.
  • The International Competition Team (ICT) participates in national and global competitions with a focus on international law. Team members participate in scenario-based international humanitarian law (IHL) competitions and Moot Courts which simulate the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the International Court of Justice (ICJ). In the 2021-2022 academic year, its first year competing, the ICT participated in four competitions and earned various accolades. The Clara Barton and Jean Pictet IHL teams were both selected as among the top 16 law schools who applied and moved on to the scenario-based stage. The ICC team achieved a first-place finish in the Regional Round for the Americas and Caribbean and made it to semi-finals during the International Round.   
  • Comparative Legal Student Scholars (CLSS) is the student division of the Center for Comparative Legal Studies and Post Conflict Peacebuilding (CLS/PCP). It is dedicated to offering law students a wide range of academic and real-world professional experiences in the field of post-conflict peacebuilding––most notably through Professor Warren's International Internships Program, which places students all around the globe during their 1L and 2L summers. Students have provided support to organizations such as the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance at the Hague, Democracy for Development in Kosovo, and the Open Development Cambodia Initiative.  CLSS also hosts its own student events like the International Careers Panel, Comparative Trivia Night, and a mentorship program for those interested in pursuing international law opportunities while at W&M.  Additionally, CLSS helps organize the CLS/PCP’s Distinguished Speaker Series, which has featured notable figures including Justices Anthony Kennedy and Richard Goldstone, Albie Sachs, Ambassadors David Scheffer and Ryan Crocker, General David Petraeus, and a number of academics and activists from around the world.  
  • The Comparative Jurist (CJ) is a student-run international and comparative law blog that, since its founding in 2016, is an independent conglomerate of the Center for Comparative Legal Studies and Post Conflict Peacebuilding at William & Mary Law school. The Comparative Jurist strives to serve both the William & Mary community and the wider field of international and transnational law by engaging students, practitioners, and experts worldwide in discussions on contemporary international and comparative legal issues, through short-form opinion-oriented content. Student editors have opportunities to engage first-hand in facilitating blog content, including engagement with authors, advancing their Legal BlueBook skills, and even co-authoring an article of their own with a leading expert in the field.
  • The Human Security Law Center (HSLC) is the student division of the law school’s Human Security Law Center (HSLC), which is directed by Professor Nancy Combs. Developed in the shadow of a complex global landscape, the Human Security Law Center's core objective is creating citizen lawyers who have an appreciation for national security issues. It pursues this goal by educating and exposing students to the interplay between national defense and the protection of civil rights. The student division of HSLC enlists the help of its officers and members to help plan and host events on campus. 
  • The Immigration Law and Service Society (ILSS) at William & Mary aims to serve the immigration needs of the general community here in Williamsburg and beyond. Partnering with numerous non-profits and law firms, ILSS members volunteer at naturalization clinics, give legal presentations on immigration law topics and changes, assist with “Know Your Rights” presentations at the regional detention facility, and host a whole array of fundraising drives, including an interview clothing drive for incoming refugees. Finally, ILSS attempts to add to the national conversation on Immigration by hosting symposiums and speakers. 

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