[PAST EVENT] Alumni Webinar: Designing Strategic Networks and Networking Strategically

April 24, 2014
Do you ever wonder why some people seem to get ahead faster than others? It may be that they truly understand who you know is as important as what you know, and that intentionally managing a strategic network is imperative to a successful career. Join Inga Carboni, Ph.D., for an interactive session on designing strategic networks and networking strategically.

Some major takeaways from this webinar will include:

-Networking is consciously managing your social relationships
-Networking is the single most powerful activity you can undertake in terms of developing your social capital
-Strategic networkers engage in activities that put them in contact with dissimilar and unconnected people
-Strategic networks focus on what they give to others, not on what they can get from others

INGA CARBONI is an assistant professor of organizational behavior at the College of William & Mary. Her research interests include positive and negative affective social networks, intrateam knowledge transfer, and performance. Her work has appeared in several journals and books, including Human Resource Management, Group Dynamics, European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, Organizational Research Methods, and The Organizational Network Fieldbook. Prior to pursuing her doctorate, Dr. Carboni worked in different capacities in industry, including marketing, management consulting, and project development.

Eliza Parrish [[m|egparrish]] or 757-221-7847