Unlocking the Diary
Friday, December 3 - Thursday, March 31
Swem Library, Third Floor Rotunda Gallery
For many people, diaries are the province of young girls, who pour out their secret sorrows and then lock them away from the prying eyes of friends and relatives. In this exhibit, we unlock the mystery of the diary, demonstrating their multiple forms.

    Ongoing Events

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    Constructing Swem Library
    Friday, October 1 - Saturday, April 30
    Swem Library, Flat Case Near the Brown Board Room and Library Administration, Third Floor
    Since opening, Swem Library has undergone several rounds of renovations and additions, continuing to meet the evolving demands of its public.
    Virginia Bar Association - Interest Meeting
    Wednesday, October 6 - Wednesday, October 6
    1pm - 1:50pm
    Zoom https://cwm.zoom.us/j/3274694342

    Join the VBA on Wednesday, October 6th, to learn more about the VBA Law School Council, upcoming networking and interview prep events, as well as 1L and 2L opportunities to get involved.