[PAST EVENT] How to Get the Family Stories that Change Your Life

June 12, 2020
12pm - 1pm
Zoom Webinar
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Since March of this year, adults over 60 across the world have been strongly advised to stay at home since they are at the highest risk during the pandemic. That’s over 72 million Americans, alone. Whether you are in that age group, or you have parents or grandparents in that age group, we understand you are facing additional challenges and concerns, even now. As W&M Alumni, Shanda and I recently connected on this issue, and we are working together to help build generational bridges in our families and our society.

Join us for a conversation about inter-generational storytelling that can help you process and preserve family history, strengthen relationships and bridge the generation gap.

  1. Why knowledge of family & friendship roots is essential to our growth and future. (Family of Origin concepts)
  2. How to ask your parents/grandparents/friends for their story (vision for relationship, honoring their life, better conversations and questions that yield mutual understanding and peacemaking rather than disagreements. How intergenerational storytelling differs from the common instructional/advisory dynamic between generations.)
  3. Understanding the benefits for writer, facilitator, and future readers of a memoir.

Tim von Stetten '16 | [[tevonstetten]]