[PAST EVENT] CGA Speaker Series - Using Spatial Analysis to Reveal and Address Inequities

March 29, 2024
1pm - 2pm
Zoom Lecture
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Flyer for Lauren Bennett and Alberto Nieto's lecture on Friday, March 29th at  1 PM on Zoom. QR Code to register for the event.

Lauren Bennett and Alberto Nieto will discuss how spatial analysis can help you examine inequities and investigate the best way to address them, tackling questions such as: Where are disparities? How are outcomes related? Are things changing equitably? This lecture will help frame analyses to start with the right questions and discusses ways to understand data and ensure alignment between the social identities involved in questions and the social characteristics expressed in the data. These techniques will hopefully empower you to use them in your communities and workplaces.

Sponsored by: The Center of Geospatial Analysis