[PAST EVENT] ACHLS Scavenger Hunt

October 26, 2020 - October 31, 2020
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Teams of up to 5 people will compete to find 5 locations related to art and cultural heritage in the Williamsburg area. Hints will be released beginning on
October 26th with one hint per day, per location. (ACHLS members will get access to the first hint one day before on October 25th). 

Team sign up is here. While there is a minimum of 4 people per team, groups of less than 4 can choose to be paired with others to form full groups.

Once participants solve the hint, each member of the team must go to that location and snap a selfie of themselves at that location.

Next, the team will post the photos to social media (Facebook or Instagram) and tag the ACHLS account with the hashtag #ACHLSHUNT2020. The first, second, and third teams to locate and post all the locations will win prizes! Additionally, All teams who participate will be entered in a raffle drawing for a fourth prize. You can gain extra draws for this raffle if:

  • The members of the team dress in costume for the Halloween themed location on October 30th. (One extra draw for each team member who dresses up). 
  • The team submits a pumpkin carving with ACHLS carved into the pumpkin. We will judge the submissions, and decide which pumpkin relates best to art and cultural heritage. The winning pumpkin will get five additional raffle draws. 
  • All of the members of your group follow either ACHLS's Facebook or Instagram page prior to October 25th (the team gets 3 extra raffle draws).


While not all locations will be indoors or on-campus, we ask that participants wear a mask at all times. This will help bolster both the school's reputation for
responsibility, as well as keep the participants and the community safe during this event. Group photos are allowed and encouraged; however, NO SUBMISSION WILL BE ACCEPTED IF ANY MEMBER OF A TEAM IS NOT FOLLOWING SOCIAL DISTANCING GUIDELINES IN THEIR PHOTO.