[PAST EVENT] Smart Woman Securities Interest Meeting

September 22, 2021
7pm - 7:30pm
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The Fall Interest Meeting for Smart Woman Securities is Wednesday, September 22nd at 7 pm over Zoom. Please join us to meet our executive board and other new members, get a run-down of our fall events and what we do as a club. ALL are welcome so feel free to invite your friends and be sure to fill out the interest form by clicking on "More Information" below.

Below is a short blurb on who we are as an organization and the purpose of the seminar series (but don't worry, we will cover this all on Wednesday):

Smart Woman Securities is a not-for-profit organization focused on educating collegiate women in finance and investing. The club provides a supportive and welcoming environment for education at an introductory level. Successful chapters exist at Harvard, Yale and UVA among other top universities. The Smart Woman Securities chapter at William & Mary (one of the organizations within the Boehly Center for Excellence in Finance) financially empowers a new generation of women. Such programs include a 10-Week Seminar Series on personal finance and the steps in creating a stock pitch, organized research teams and an investment fund that give the women of William & Mary practical and hands-on experience with investing. Absolutely no background in business, finance, accounting, etc. are needed and you don't even have to want to pursue a career in any of those fields! SWS is the perfect place to build your financial intelligence and prepare for your future--regardless of what that is!

In order to become a member of SWS, Nationals requires that you attend at least 8 out of our 10 seminars but we will also be counting this interest meeting towards attendance so I definitely recommend coming out. It'll be a great way to kick-off the semester and even meet some girls that you'd like to work with on your stock pitches.

For anyone who has already completed a Fall Seminar Series in a prior year and wants to maintain their SWS membership, please also come to this meeting for information on Fall Research Teams!

If you have any questions, please contact SWS president, [[e|awhittaker, Lindsey Whittaker]].


[[e|awhittaker, Lindsey Whittaker]]