[PAST EVENT] Md Tanjib Atique Khan: Physics Dissertation Defense  

November 15, 2021
11am - 2pm
Small Hall, Room 122
300 Ukrop Way
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location

Md Tanjib Atique Khan, Final Oral Examination for the Ph.D. Degree, Title: "Calculation of Gluon PDF in the Nucleon using Pseudo-PDF Formalism with Wilson Flow Technique in LQCD"
Zoom link is available upon request. Please email [[w|evwilk,Ellie]].

Abstract: A comprehensive study of the gluonic content in the nucleon from a first principles lattice quantum chromodynamics calculation is presented. The unpolarized gluonic distribution in the nucleon is calculated using the pseudo-PDF framework on the lattice. First, the spectral analyses of the low-lying states in the nucleon, as well as in the delta are performed on the lattice, identifying baryons states with hybrid characteristics, in which the gluons play a manifestly structural role, and determining a set of operators which have significant overlaps onto the ground state of the nucleon. Techniques such as distillation for smearing the quark fields, momentum smearing to achieve a better signal at the higher momenta, the gradient flow technique for suppressing the gauge fluctuations, and the solution of the summed generalized eigenvalue problem employing a set of operators determined by the nucleon spectral analysis are implemented to calculate the gluonic matrix elements. A combination of these techniques provides the most precise lattice determination of the gluonic distribution in the nucleon to date. Short distance factorization provides the perturbative matching kernel which, in turn, allows one to calculate the gluon Ioffe-time distribution in the MS scheme at µ = 2 GeV. To accomplish this task, a parametrization in terms of Jacobi polynomials is used in an approximation in which the mixing with the quark singlet sector is neglected. Finally, the results are compared with the phenomenological determinations.

From an early age, Tanjib has been eager to explore the world through the lens of science and logic. He was born on March 27, 1989 in Jessore Division, Bangladesh. He started his formal education in 1994 at Baptist Church School in Jessore. Later, he entered Dawood Public School, and finished high school at Cantonment College in Jessore. He started his undergraduate education in Electrical Engineering and Electronics at Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and received his bachelor’s degree in 2012. He received various Government scholarships and University Merit Scholarship throughout his undergraduate education. During this time, he discovered his passion for physics, and entered the master’s program at Theoretical Physics in University of Dhaka. After receiving the master’s degree, he pursued higher education, and entered William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia in Fall, 2015. He started working with Dr. Konstantinos Orginos and Dr. David Richards on Lattice QCD to explore nature at the microscopic level through numerical calculations and joined the HadStruc Collaboration. Right now, he is working on the lattice calculation of hadron physics, especially the extraction of the gluon PDF in the nucleon. After graduation, he will continue his research work and join a faculty position at the department of Theoretical Physics in University of Dhaka.