[PAST EVENT] DS Faculty Candidate Finalist: Lars Kotthoff - Colloquium Talk [Zoom]

February 18, 2022
12pm - 1pm
Integrated Science Center (ISC), Zoom
540 Landrum Dr
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
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Title: Automated AI: Aspirations and Perspirations

Abstract: AI and machine learning are ubiquitous, but AI and ML experts are not. Arguably, at least some of the tasks those scarce experts are tackling do not make the best use of their skills and expertise — manually tweaking heuristics and hyperparameter settings is tedious but relatively straightforward. Automating these tasks allows the human experts to focus on the interesting and creative work. In this talk, I will outline the aspirational goal of automating large parts of AI that are currently painstakingly done by human experts, including engineering AI software. I will describe some of the progress that has been made to date, in particular in automated machine learning. The talk will conclude with a broader outlook on how the development of automated AI has positive
impacts in other fields, using Materials Science as an example.

Bio: Lars Kotthoff is an assistant professor at the University of Wyoming and held post-doctoral appointments at the University of British Columbia, Canada, University College Cork, Ireland, and the University of St Andrews, Scotland. His work in meta-algorithmics, automated machine learning, and applying AI to Materials Science has resulted in more than 80 publications with more than 3333 citations, supported by more than $3M in funding. He is one of the principal developers of the award-winning mlr machine learning software, widely used in academia and industry.


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