[PAST EVENT] Wellness Conversation Series: Cultivating Mutually Satisfying Relationships

October 25, 2019
McLeod Tyler Wellness Center, Studio B
240 Gooch Drive
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
Access & Features
  • Free food
  • Registration/RSVP
Wellness Conversation Series

Learn advanced skills to help you cultivate, repair and maintain mutually satisfying friendships. You'll learn how to create intentional relationships that last a lifetime, how to be fully present for someone else, how to navigate complications, and how to move toward your own dreams one friendship at a time.

Dinner is included.

Topics Include:

  • What a “mindful” friendship is, and why it’s worth the effort 
  • The three friendship “savers"
  • How to form successful relationships with conscious intent and mindful care, and become a sought-after friend and mentor
  • What to do when a friendship or relationship isn’t mutually satisfying

This Wellness Conversation Series is hosted by Amy Steindler (B.A., Theatre and Speech, Class of 1980) a certified emotional intelligence practitioner and life coach.  She discovered her life's work, after a 30-year corporate career, of teaching the skills and tools of emotional intelligence and facilitating deep inquiry into what holds us back or moves us forward in our relationships and careers.  Her clients range from university students to CEOs, all of whom are learning how to improve the most important aspects of their lives. 


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