[PAST EVENT] BLSA Talent Show: "Law School's Got Talent"

September 18, 2014
7pm - 9pm
THE EVENT IS NOT AT THE LAW SCHOOL. It will be held at the Williamsburg Regional Library Theatre 515 Scotland Street
Location: Williamsburg Regional Library Theatre

Many of us remember
{{http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0d5eP0wWLQY, William Hung}}.

Some points about William:

(1) William's talent landed him on national television. If you are at least as talented as he is then you should come show your talents off at the BLSA talent show.

(2) William was a civil engineering student at UC Berkeley at the time--so don't make excuses to yourself like "I have too much work to do." Civil engineers at Berkeley rarely see the light of day, since their workload is so heinous, and yet William found the time to do what he loved.

(3) No judges at the BLSA talent show will be anywhere near as cruel and terrible as Simon, so you won't need to show the grace and the strength of character that William showed in the face of disrespect. Our judges are all people you would want to high five, so don't worry about being destroyed for putting yourself out there.

(4) Lastly, many people were cruel to poor William in the aftermath of his audition, but he is a champion. He is still relevant years later, and he is still a role model. You can be certain that you too will be a champion if you attend or perform at the BLSA talent show because it is for a great cause.

So, please look inside yourself and try to find the courage to display your talents to the law school community on Thursday, Sept. 18. Those who simply wish to attend and witness the magic, please come. Tell everyone you know. Admission is free, but donations are encouraged. Ask yourself "what would William do?"

"I already gave my best, and I have no regrets at all." - William Hung.