[PAST EVENT] W&M Webinar - Five Unwritten Rules For Creating a Career You Love

February 26, 2020
12pm - 1pm
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Professionals Week

Five Unwritten Rules For Creating a Career You Love

Most people want to love their job. Yet for many, their work experiences don't align with the expectations they had for their careers.

In this webinar, Executive and Leadership Coach Terry McDougall '86, will share five rules that most people are never taught from her upcoming book “Winning the Game of Work” that empower people to take meaningful action to create a career they love. Whether you’re in career transition, looking to advance, or just want to feel more empowered in your current role, these tips will lead you to more career confidence, success and happiness.

An ever-lengthening to-do list. The distractions and notifications of electronic media. Ringing telephones. Coworker interruptions. When they compete for our attention, our ability to listen deeply and communicate effectively suffer. Deepening your listening skills at work will have far-reaching implications for every aspect of your life.

This webinar is part of the William & Mary Alumni Association’s Professionals Week (February 24-28). All week long, we are celebrating our Tribe network and professional affinities. No matter what stage of your career you are in, join us for events online and in person and let us know your professional achievements and goals by posting on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter using the hashtag #OneTribeOneNetwork.



Terry McDougall '86 

Executive Coach for High Achievers | Author of Winning the Game of Work


Michael Steelman | onenetwork@wm.edu