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Final Deadline to file the Notice of Candidacy Form (Graduation Application)
Friday, February 15
All day
Blow Memorial Hall

If you failed to meet the October 1 deadline to apply to graduate in 2019 using the Registrar's Online Graduation Application, you must submit the Notice of Candidacy Form in hard copy to the University Registrar's Office by no later February 15, 2019.  

    Mandatory: Intent to Graduate Form
    Friday, February 15
    All day
    Stetson House

    All A&S graduate students graduating in May 2019 or August 2019 must submit this online form.  

      Mathematics Colloquium: Nicholas Werner (State University of New York at Westbury)
      Friday, February 15
      2pm - 3pm
      Jones Hall, Room 302

      Mathematics Colloquium: Nicholas Werner (State University of New York at Westbury)

      Chemistry Spring Seminar
      Friday, February 15
      3pm - 4pm
      ISC2 (Integrated Science Center), Room 1127

      Janis Louie of the University of Utah presents "Adventures in Fe Catalysis"

        John Brognard: National Cancer Institute- MD
        Friday, February 15
        3:30pm - 5pm
        ISC3 (Integrated Science Center), Room 1221

        Title: "Mining the Unexplored Kinome for New Therapeutic Targets and Mechanisms of Turmorigenesis"

          Philosophy Colloquium: Professor Steven Wall (University of Arizona), on "Rooted Reciprocity"
          Friday, February 15
          3:30pm - 5pm
          Washington Hall, Room 302

          Professor Steven Wall, political philosopher at the University of Arizona, will give a philosophy colloquium talk on the subject, "Rooted Reciprocity."  All are welcome.

          Physics Colloquium - Chia Chang
          Friday, February 15
          4pm - 5pm
          Small Hall, Room 111

          Chia Chang, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Title of Talk: Predicting the neutron lifetime from the Standard Model

          Sudanese Protest: Teach-In
          Friday, February 15
          5pm - 6:30pm
          Tyler Hall, Room 217

          What is going on in Sudan? Why are there mass protests? Why are we not hearing about it? Come, join, and learn from faculty and Sudanese-American students at William & Mary talk about the Sudanese uprising!  .

            Bots Annual Gala Fundraiser
            Saturday, February 16
            Commonwealth Auditorium
            Sunday, February 17
            7pm - 9pm
            McGlothlin-Street Hall, Room 230

            Free tutoring for introductory geology classes provided by geology majors. 

              Data Enrichment for Data Science
              Monday, February 18
              8am - 9am
              McGlothlin-Street Hall, Room 020
                "Bastions of Freedom, Pockets of Tyranny: the First Amendment in the Twenty-First Century"
                Monday, February 18
                12:50pm - 1:50pm
                Law School, Room 120

                A moderated panel discussion about media law and freedom of speech, with guest speaker, Nabiha Syed.

                Art Studio Senior Capstone Show at the Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center
                Tuesday, February 19 - Friday, March 15
                Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center, 110 Westover Avenue , Williamsburg, VA 23185
                German Studies Talk
                Tuesday, February 19
                4pm - 5:15pm
                Washington Hall, Room 315

                Anna Horakova will present on Paradigms of Refuge: Layers of History in Jenny Erpenbeck’s Novel Gehen, ging, gegangen Tuesday, Febrary 19 at 4pm in WASH 315

                  Ongoing Events

                  Chinese Martial Arts Workshop
                  Tuesday, February 5 - Thursday, February 28
                  5:10pm - 6:10pm
                  Taiji Fan Workshop
                  Monday, February 4 - Wednesday, February 27
                  5:10pm - 6:10pm
                  Thursday Write-Ins! Weekly Walk-In Writing Support
                  Thursday, January 31 - Thursday, April 25
                  5pm - 7pm
                  Swem Library, Writing Resources Center
                  Bring in any writing or presentation assignment to our weekly Write-Ins, Thursdays from 5-7pm. 
                  John Lee "Arm's Length Intimacy" Exhibition
                  Thursday, January 24 - Tuesday, February 19
                  Andrews Hall, Andrews Gallery
                  "Following in their Footsteps"  Women Artists from the President’s Collection of Art
                  Wednesday, August 29 - Sunday, May 12
                  Sadler Center

                  As part of the 100 Years of Women celebration at William & Mary, The President’s Collection of Art presents Following in their Footsteps at the Sadler Center. This exhibition showcases alumane art thematically depicting works by women, of women.