Raising Thrivers: Parenting Tips & Tools To Help Kids Thrive in An Uncertain World
Wednesday, February 24
12pm - 1pm

What is the difference between kids that struggle and kids that thrive? Why do some kids cope with adversity, develop healthy relationships, and embrace change, and others crumble under pressure? The good news is that thrivers are made, not born.

NEDA Week: Exploring Your Seat at the Table: a Multicultural Mosaic 
Wednesday, February 24
7pm - 8pm

Join us for a discussion on multicultural issues within the eating disorder world, with a focus on helping to identify our own seat at the table.   This National Eating Disorders Awareness Week speaking event will be led by clinician Khara Randall.

Black. Queer. W&M 
Wednesday, February 24
8pm - 9:30pm

Center of Student Diversity and the Rainbow Coalition at William & Mary invites you to an open and honest panel conversation on the intersectionality of blackness and queerness and how it affects lives on campus -- past, present, and future.