Webinar: Structuring an Essay for Clear Ideas
Tuesday, July 20
2pm - 3:15pm

In this Writing Resources Center webinar, you will learn how to structure an essay in a way that attends to the reader's logic. You'll learn how to create an "essay map," and you'll explore strategies for guiding your reader through your work. 

Webinar: Writing Stronger Paragraphs
Thursday, July 22
2pm - 3:15pm

In this Writing Resources Center webinar, we will consider how the paragraph functions as a form of punctuation, compare well-developed and poorly-developed examples, and discover several types of paragraphs that can add clarity and focus to your work. 

Webinar: Revising Essays--Editing and Proofreading
Monday, July 26
2pm - 3:15pm

In this Writing Resources Center webinar, you'll learn strategies to focus your revision process on elements that will make the biggest difference in the quality of your paper. You'll also learn how to identify and correct common sentence-level errors.  

Webinar: Clear and Memorable Presentations
Wednesday, July 28
2pm - 3:15pm

Join the Writing Resources Center for an interactive webinar to help you learn how to create a presentation that audiences will enjoy and remember. You'll discover the key features of a good presentation -- and you'll learn what pitfalls to avoid. 

National Fellowships application highlights
Thursday, July 29
2pm - 3:30pm
TBD, https://cwm.zoom.us/s/95056314220

This event is for current W&M juniors and recent alums who are interested in applying to national prestigious fellowships. Hear tips and best practices for preparing your  curriculum vitae/resume  from the experts at the Cohen Career Center.


    Ongoing Events

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    Writing Resources Center Open for Summer Session
    Tuesday, June 8 - Friday, August 6
    9am - 10pm

    At the Writing Resources Center, trained peer consultants offer individual assistance with writing, presentation, and other communication assignments across disciplines and at any stage, from generating ideas to polishing a final product.