National Security Today through 2028: Women Leading the Next Decade
Thursday, April 4
8am - 12pm
Sadler Center, Chesapeake A

As part of our spring workshop series, please join us for 2nd Annual Whole of Government National Security Conference - National Security Today through 2028: Women Leading the Next Decade

Workshop:  Disseminating Research in Journals and at Conferences
Wednesday, April 10
6pm - 7pm
Tyler Hall, Room 219

What happens after you analyze the data and write your final paper? Come to this workshop where you can learn how to publish your research or present it at local or national conferences!  Dinner will be provided!

Britain After Brexit
Thursday, April 11
4pm - 5:30pm
Blow Memorial Hall, Room 201

David Melding is an Assembly Member of the National Assembly in Cardiff, Wales. David is a former manager of the Carers National Association in Wales and a former Deputy Director of the Welsh Centre for International Affairs. 

Book Launch & Talk by Berhanu Abegaz
Thursday, April 11
Reves Center for International Studies, The Reves Room

Join us for another Book Launch & Talk: International Perspectives from W&M Faculty. Hear from W&M Professor of Economics Berhanu Abegazon speak on his new book, A Tributary Model of State Formation: Ethiopia, 1600-2015.

Retirement Reception for William Hausman, Chancellor Professor of Economics
Tuesday, April 16
4:30pm - 6pm
Tyler Hall, First Floor Commons

We will celebrate the retirement of Will Hausman, a dedicated and long-time member of the William & Mary community, with refreshments in Tyler First Floor Commons on the afternoon of April 16th.

Economics & Law
Thursday, April 18
2pm - 4pm
Tyler Hall, Room 322

Stephanie Tsacoumis on Econ & Law: careers, the field, and public vs private sector