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John Lee "Arm's Length Intimacy" Exhibition
Thursday, January 24 - Tuesday, February 19
Andrews Hall, Andrews Gallery
Art Studio Senior Capstone Show at the Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center
Tuesday, February 19 - Friday, March 15
Location not specified
Spring 2019 Distinguished Lecture in Art History by Dr. Krista Thompson, Northwestern University
Monday, March 18
ISC1 (Integrated Science Center), Room 1221

Dr. Krista Thompson is the Mary Jane Crowe Professor of Art History at Northwestern University. She researches and teaches the modern and contemporary art and visual culture of the Africa diaspora, with an emphasis on photography. 

Artist Bibiana Suárez from DePaul University
Monday, April 15

Bibiana Suárez is a Professor of Art and Vincent de Paul Professor in the Department of Art, Media and Design at DePaul University (Chicago).

    Ongoing Events

    "Following in their Footsteps"  Women Artists from the President’s Collection of Art
    Wednesday, August 29 - Sunday, May 12
    Sadler Center

    As part of the 100 Years of Women celebration at William & Mary, The President’s Collection of Art presents Following in their Footsteps at the Sadler Center. This exhibition showcases alumane art thematically depicting works by women, of women.