[PAST EVENT] Ascending Leadership: From Intern to Executive

February 27, 2024
12pm - 1pm
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Join industry leaders James Ambrose ’07 (Microsoft), Royce McAllister ’07 (Ticketmaster), Jane Raleigh ’13 (Kennedy Center) and Lydia Lee '24 (William & Mary) in an engaging discussion on leadership and career journeys with Phil Heavilin, William & Mary’s director of internships and applied learning. Learn how to recognize and capitalize on personal and team strengths to achieve organizational goals at every stage in your career. From inspiring and motivating others to managing projects with confidence, this session explores effective work habits, maintaining a positive personal brand and consistently meeting or exceeding goals. Gain insights from experienced professionals who have successfully navigated their way from internship to executive positions.

Sponsored by: Office of Career Development & Professional Engagement


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