[PAST EVENT] W&M Alumni Webinar:  Mindful Listening

June 26, 2019
12pm - 1pm

Listen Like a Pro, Advance Your Career, and Improve Your Relationships

An ever-lengthening to-do list. The distractions and notifications of electronic media. Ringing telephones. Co-worker interruptions. When they compete for our attention, our ability to listen deeply and communicate effectively suffer. Deepening your listening skills at work will have far-reaching implications for every aspect of your life. In this webinar, W&M alumna Amy Steindler '80 will share mindful listening techniques and ways to develop self- and language awareness, to build empathy, understand others better, and resolve conflicts faster (and with far less suffering). 

Mindfulness is the ability to pay purposeful attention to our experience in the moment, not just tuning out distractions, but tuning in to the physical, emotional, and mental energy that exists while we’re going about our day. This dual situational/self-awareness is the heart of emotional intelligence, which research suggests is the main differentiator for success (when cognitive intelligence and technical skills are up to speed). 

Knowing what you’re feeling as you’re feeling it, what triggered the feeling, and how your emotional energy is affecting those around you is the key to better decision-making, relationship-building and all-around performance. The ability to “listen” to your emotional response while listening to others is part of an advanced skillset that accomplished, emotionally intelligent leaders cultivate. 

Participants will learn how to do four things to significantly improve their listening skills: 

  • Set the stage for listening deeply 
  • Manage self-orientation to allow truly mindful listening 
  • Focus on what the speaker’s language reveals, and why reflective listening, “What I heard you say was…”, isn’t mindful listening 
  • Develop the emotional self-awareness you need to cultivate genuine curiosity and practice integrity in your behavior and language 


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