[PAST EVENT] W&M Webinar: Confidence and the Coronavirus

April 1, 2020
12pm - 1pm

"His sober, clear-eyed analysis is worth reading." - is how NY Times columnist and CNBC contributor, Andew Ross Sorkin, just characterized William & Mary Alumnus and Adjunct Professor Peter Atwater's recent report on the impact of the coronavirus on American confidence.

Given recent developments around the world, Peter will share his thoughts on confidence-driven decision-making specifically related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Join us live on April 1 for this webinar as Peter discusses why we are naturally panicking and what he sees ahead, given his experience and research with other major crises in confidence.

Peter Atwater '83 is a pioneer in the developing field of confidence-driven decision-making. In addition to teaching a freshman COLL 150 class on the topic, he serves as a consultant to corporations and institutional investors, helping them to better understand the impact of changing confidence on consumer preferences, decisions and actions.

This webinar and all other webinars will be recorded and available online to watch later.


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