[PAST EVENT] A Conversation with Dr. Joseph J. Ellis ’65, L.H.D. ’98 on “American Dialogue: The Founders and Us”

April 21, 2021
5:30pm - 6:20pm
American Dialogue - The Founders and Us

Hear from Pulitzer Prize-winning author Joseph J. Ellis ’65, L.H.D. ’98 as he shares his insights from his 2018 book, “American Dialogue: The Founders and Us.” Kirkus Reviews calls Ellis’ book “a discerning, richly detailed inquiry into America’s complex political and philosophical legacy.” Ellis applies the founders’ ideology to modern issues we struggle with today, illustrating the critical need for sustained civil argument. Paul Mapp, associate professor and director of graduate studies in the history department, will guide the conversation through questions submitted by registrants and students.



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