[PAST EVENT] “The Hill We Climb”—Join A Community Conversation on Inaugural Poetry

February 17, 2021
7pm - 8pm
Amanda Gorman, Inaugural Poet

The English Department invites you to join a conversation reflecting on Amanda Gorman’s performance of her poem, “The Hill We Climb,” at the recent Presidential inauguration. How did you respond to the poem and poet? How does poetry work in relation to political ceremony, especially the inauguration of a nation’s executive? (Gorman is the U.S.’s sixth inaugural poet; you can find all her predecessors’ work here: https://lithub.com/read-every-presidential-inauguration-poem-ever-performed-there-are-fewer-than-you-think/ ) We will watch Gorman’s reading, Profs Hermine Pinson and John Pineda and W&M senior Antonio Dill-Word will provide some brief responses to the work, then we will move into breakout rooms for conversation, before reconvening for some final collective thoughts and a good night wave.


Arthur Knight