[PAST EVENT] March eLearning Workshop: Collaborative Annotation

March 16, 2016
12pm - 1pm
Swem Library, Cox Classroom
400 Landrum Dr
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
New digital tools allow for collaborative annotation environments that facilitate active exploration of texts.

Collaborative annotation offers several teaching/learning opportunities. As an instructor, you can be inside the text with your students while they are reading to facilitate their comprehension and inspire their analysis. You can elicit student responses to the text through annotating with comments, questions, links, and images. In face to face, hybrid and online classes, annotations can be used to jump start discussions by prompting students to expand on newly gained insights and questions captured by their annotation. Especially when physically meeting to discuss a new text is not an option, annotation can be a means for the instructor to have a similar guiding presence and provide opportunities for engaging readers. Collaborative annotation can provide a path for students to become knowledge producers in their own right.

April Lawrence and Jamison Miller from the School of Education, and Mike Blum from APeL will introduce you to a bit of the theory behind the use of collaborative annotation. Pam Eddy and Sharon Zuber will share their experiences from a faculty perspective. Additionally we will explore a few selected tools you can consider for your own use.

Please RSVP for either session:

* Tuesday March 15th at 9:30-10:30am (Cox Classroom/ Swem Library)

* Wednesday March 16th Noon-1PM (Cox Classroom/ Swem Library)

or let us know if you are interested but can't make it at {{http://forms.wm.edu/25432}}

Please contact Pablo Yanez ([[pxyane]]) or Adam Barger ([[abarger]]) if you have any questions.

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