[PAST EVENT] April eLearning Workshop: Targeted Teaching through Real-Time Feedback

April 20, 2016
12pm - 1pm
Swem Library, Cox Classroom
400 Landrum Dr
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
Would you like to be able to assess your students' understanding of course concepts before class meets, and then use that information to tailor and prepare your upcoming class? Would it be useful to get real-time feedback from students during class to facilitate deeper understanding and improve their chances of meeting learning objectives?

Mapping your students' knowledge and understanding is a common challenge. Ongoing student-instructor feedback through varied assessment approaches can be an important part of meeting that challenge.

Multiple pathways to assessment is a key aspect of course design and instructional planning. Instructors can benefit from real-time or near-term feedback in formative and diagnostic evaluation of student knowledge and achievement. Implementing formative assessment techniques, such as in-class peer instruction and discourse, provides important feedback for students to understand their own strengths and weaknesses, while diagnostic assessment strategies inform the instructor?s approach to course design and instructional methods. Digital tools and resources provide avenues for engaging your students in both these assessment types.

Join us for an eLearning Workshop that explores real-time and near-term assessment and the technology tools available to increase opportunities for student engagement. We will hear faculty perspectives on assessment in various disciplines, including from Tom?Linneman (Sociology) and Linda Morse (Geology). APeL's Pablo Yanez and Adam Barger will facilitate this session to explore eLearning approaches that can equip instructors and students to participate in these assessment types and enhance real-time engagement.

Please RSVP for either session:
Tuesday April 19th?at 9:30-10:30am (Cox Classroom/ Swem Library)

Wednesday April 20th at?Noon-1PM (Cox Classroom/ Swem Library)?

or let us know if you are interested but can't make it at {{http://forms.wm.edu/26094}}

Please contact Pablo Yanez ([[pxyane]]) or Adam Barger ([[abarger]]) if you have any questions.

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