[PAST EVENT] Transition University Online Course

October 10, 2021 - August 7, 2022
6pm - 8pm

This course is designed for parents/caregivers of elementary, middle or high school students that receive special education services. The goal is to share factual information on transition services and to help make the transition from school services to the adult services world less confusing. Participants who complete the full course will receive a certificate of completion showing 6.5 hours.

Topics covered in this course will include

  • What do we mean by Transition and Why is it Important?
  • Supported Decision Making, Power of Attorney, Guardianship, and Age of Majority

  • Future Planning including Special Needs Trust, ABLE Accounts, and Letters of Intent

  • Transitioning into Independent Living (employment, further education, housing, etc.)
  • Connecting to Your Community and to Adult Services (waivers, SSI, VR, etc.)
    And much more!

Fall 2021 – Oct. 10 – Nov. 30 Registration opens 9/1/2021. -   https://tufall2021.eventbrite.com

Winter 2022– Feb. 6 – March 28 Registration opens 12/1/2021 -  https://tuwinter2022.eventbrite.com

Summer 2022 – June 12 – August 7 Registration opens 4/1/2022  -  https://tusummer2022.eventbrite.com