Philosophy Dept. Colloquium: Amie Thomasson (Miami), "Truthmakers and the Project of Ontology"
Friday, April 15
3:30pm - 5pm
James Blair Hall, Room 205
Amie Thomasson, Professor and Parodi Senior Scholar in Aesthetics at University of Miami, will speak on "Truthmakers and the Project of Ontology." All interested students and faculty are invited.

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    Inaugural Newton-Blanchard Prize for Creative Writing
    Friday, April 1 - Sunday, May 1
    No specific location.
    The Newton-Blanchard Prize aims to recognize excellence in both fiction and non-fiction writing. Two prizes of $2500 each will be awarded in Spring 2016 to original short fiction and original nonfiction.
    COLL Innovation Grants for Faculty: Open Proposals
    Monday, February 22 - Friday, April 29
    Location not specified
    Innovation Grants in support of COLL curriculum available now