"Can China Be More Humane?"
Thursday, February 13
4pm - 5:30pm
Small Hall, Room 110

A presentation by Perry Link, the Chancellorial Chair at University of California, Riverside

    Info Session on Study Abroad Programs in France, Belgium and Spain
    Thursday, February 13
    5:30pm - 6:30pm
    Washington Hall, Room 315

    Institute for Field Education (IFE) Info Sessions for French & Spanish Programs in Europe

    China's Western Horizon: Geopolitical Consequences and China's Belt and Road Initiative
    Thursday, February 13
    6:30pm - 8pm
    McGlothlin-Street Hall, Room 20

    Join the Alexander Hamilton Society for our first event of Spring 2020, a moderated discussion including Dr. Daniel Markey (SAIS), and Dr. Rani Mullen (W&M). Dr. Markey will discuss how China's efforts are likely to play out along its "western horizon".