Self-Compassion: Step By Step
Tuesday, November 16 - Tuesday, December 7
4pm - 5pm
McLeod Tyler Wellness Center, Counseling Center

Build an understanding of the practice of self-compassion and how it can benefit your overall well-being.

    WLS & LHL: Let's Talk About Exams
    Tuesday, November 16
    5:30pm - 6:30pm
    Law School, ZOOM

    Join Women's Law Society and Lawyers Helping Lawyers on Zoom to hear from our panelists on how they prepare for exams while practicing self care.

    Zoom Link:

    Password: WLS&LHL


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      Ongoing Events

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      Flourishing thru Chronic Too-Muchness
      Thursday, November 4 - Thursday, November 18
      McLeod Tyler Wellness Center, Studio A or B

      This workshop explores an evidence-based daily routine that includes strategies to effectively manage hardship.

      Living with Chronic Illness Support Group: Every Tuesday 2pm-2:45pm
      Tuesday, October 5 - Tuesday, December 14
      2pm - 2:45pm
      via Zoom

      This supportive outreach group will provide an outlet for students who are living with chronic illness and trying to navigate day to day life.