Thursday, May 4th

  • May49am - 4pm
    Fidelity Investments Counseling Session
    Sadler Center, Colony Room
  • May49:30am - 10:45am
    Professionals and Professional Faculty Annual Meeting
    Sadler Center, Commonwealth Auditorium

    The Professionals and Professional Faculty Assembly (PPFA) invites you to attend it's 2017 General Meeting as Provost Halleran, Sam Jones, Amy Sebring, John Poma and Henry Broaddus share updates and answer your pre-submitted questions.

  • May410am - 11am
    Honors Thesis Defense: Sonia Dermer
    ISC3 (Integrated Science Center), Room 0280

    Title: “The sodium channel NaV 1.6 is not essential for normal breathing or gasping behavior."

    Advisor: Prof. Christopher Del Negro (Applied Science)

  • May41pm - 2pm
    Honors Thesis Defense: Daniel Borrus
    ISC3 (Integrated Science Center), Room 0280

    Title: "Plateau potential fluctuations and intrinsic membrane noise."

    Advisor: Prof. Greg Smith (Applied Science)

  • May42pm - 3pm
    Honors Thesis Defense: Francis Pham
    ISC3 (Integrated Science Center), Room 3291

    Title: “Optogenetic Studies of the Prebotzinger Complex: Support for the Dbx1 Core Hypothesis.”

    Advisor: Prof. Christopher Del Negro (Applied Science)

  • May46pm - 8:30pm
    LNN & Botetourt Spring Banquet 2017
    Indian Creek Yacht & Country Club | 362 Club Drive, Kilmarnock, VA 22482


  • May3
    TESSELLATION: 2017 Senior Art Exhibition
    Andrews Hall, Andrews Gallery

    All are welcome to the 2017 Art & Art History Senior's Art Exhibition TESSELLATION

    A reception will be held May 4, 5-7pm in the Andrews Foyer

  • May25:10pm
    Erhu Workshop
    Rowe House

    Learn to play the erhu, an ancient Chinese violin-like instrument and experience the classic sounds of China.

  • May25:10pm
    Chinese Level 1
    Rowe House

    Join WMCI and begin learning Chinese today!

  • May24pm
    China's World Heritage SItes
    Rowe House, Room 103

    Are you interested in learning about some of the most famous places on earth? This class will teach you the history behind China's most well known attractions!

  • May15:10pm
    A Sample of China
    Rowe House, Room 103

    This class introduces students to some of China's most famous art forms: calligraphy, paper cutting, Chinese knotting, and musical instruments.

  • May1
    Guzheng Class
    Rowe House, Room 103

    Study the Guzheng, one of China's oldest and most beloved instruments!

  • May1
    Exam Period Relaxation Sessions Available
    Blow Memorial Hall, Room 240

    Take a short study break to relax, release, and let go!

  • Jan186pm
    Neurodiversity Student Group
    Blow Memorial Hall, 3rd Floor

    The W&M Neurodiversity Student Group meets every week on Wednesdays at 6pm.

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