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Martin Luther King Day
Monday, January 20
All day
Location not specified

University closed. No classes scheduled.

    Campus Connect Spring Training
    Tuesday, January 21
    8:30am - 11:30am
    Location To Be Determined

    Campus Connect is an experiential suicide prevention training program designed specifically for college campuses.   

      Inclusive Teaching in STEM Workshop
      Tuesday, January 21
      9am - 11:30am
      Swem Library, Ford Room

      What can faculty do to improve course outcomes and retention of underrepresented students in STEM? Prof. Jim Swartz of Grinnell College will facilitate an interactive workshop for STEM faculty.

        Career Readiness Kickoff: Resume
        Tuesday, January 21
        10am - 10:30am
        Cohen Career Center

          Career Readiness Kickoff: Cover Letter
          Tuesday, January 21
          10:30am - 11am
          Cohen Career Center
            Career Readiness Kickoff: LinkedIn
            Tuesday, January 21
            11am - 11:30am
            Cohen Career Center
              Career Readiness Kickoff: Interviewing
              Tuesday, January 21
              11:30am - 12pm
              Cohen Career Center
                Career Readiness Kickoff: Veterans
                Tuesday, January 21
                2pm - 2:30pm
                Cohen Career Center
                  Seminar on Retention of Underrepresented Students in STEM
                  Tuesday, January 21
                  3pm - 4pm
                  ISC2 (Integrated Science Center), Room 1127

                  Prof. Jim Swartz of Grinnell College will present “Twenty-Five Years of Efforts to Better Serve the Underserved: Moving from Fixing the Students to Fixing Us”.

                    Discovery Lab - Sharks
                    Tuesday, January 21
                    6pm - 8pm
                    VIMS - Catlett-Burruss Research and Education Lab

                    Ongoing Events

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                    Spring New Student Orientation
                    Friday, January 17 - Tuesday, January 21
                    Campus Center, Lobby for Check-In
                    Orientation for incoming spring semester students & their families.
                    British and Colonial Antecedents of American Liberties (Wolf Law Library Exhibit)
                    Tuesday, October 1 - Sunday, March 15
                    Law School, Wolf Law Library

                    An exhibition of rare books on early American law from the collection of Sid Lapidus at the Wolf Law Library at William & Mary Law School.

                    The Daragan Collection of Almanacs
                    Thursday, September 19 - Saturday, August 1
                    Swem Library, Bright Gallery, 2nd Floor Rotunda

                    Almanacs are annual guidebooks, used as a calendar and sometimes as a diary, for looking up astronomical data or astrological signs, and even as a weather forecast. 

                    The  Cold Wars
                    Thursday, September 19 - Sunday, May 3
                    Swem Library, 3rd Floor Rotunda Gallery

                    On November 8th, 1917 soldiers loyal to the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party, more commonly known as the Bolsheviks, overthrew that nation's government and began their 74 year experiment with Communism.

                    Peer Health Outreach Coalition (every Thursday when classes are in session) 
                    Thursday, September 5 - Thursday, April 30
                    4pm - 5pm
                    McLeod Tyler Wellness Center, Conference Room
                    Boost your org’s impact, save  money and time, reduce programmatic redundancy, build bridges/collaborate with like-minded groups, share your success, garner support, and benefit from free, unbiased advice from campus experts in this forum!