"Being Muslim: Women of Color in American Islam"
Tuesday, April 2
12:30pm - 1:50pm
Ewell Hall, Recital, 107

The Department of Religious Studies presents: The Hans Tiefel lecture in Religion & Ethics "Being Muslim: Women of Color in American Islam," a public lecture by Sylvia Chan-Malik.

Meetup: Doug Mercado '85' - International Humanitarianism
Thursday, April 4
4pm - 5pm
Cohen Career Center, Cohen Presentation Room

Alumnus Doug Mercado shares his 28 years of leadership and management experience in international humanitarian assistance, refugee affairs and post-crisis recovery, and offers insights and advice to W&M students looking at this career path.

To See and to Tell a Revolution: On Going (and Not Going) to China in the Long Sixties
Monday, April 8
Blow Memorial Hall, Room 201

A lecture with special guest Fabio Lanza, Professor, History and East Asian Studies, University of Arizona. Sponsored by the W&M Department of History, the Reves Center for International Studies, and the Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Program.

Britain After Brexit
Thursday, April 11
4pm - 5:30pm
Blow Memorial Hall, Room 201

David Melding is an Assembly Member of the National Assembly in Cardiff, Wales. David is a former manager of the Carers National Association in Wales and a former Deputy Director of the Welsh Centre for International Affairs. 

Intersectional Invisibility in Mass Media: Asian Men, Black Women, and Gendered Racial Stereotypes
Friday, April 12
12pm - 1pm
Boswell Hall (formerly Morton Hall), Room 314

APIA Banh Mi Lecture Series presents the research of Professor Monika Gosin and Professor Joanna Schug as they interrogate the media portrayal of Asian men and Black women in popular mass media. Banh Mi (Vietnamese Sandwiches) served to first 30 guests.

Visualizing Latinidad: A talk by Puerto Rican Artist Bibiana Suárez
Tuesday, April 16
5pm - 6:30pm
Washington Hall, Room 201

Lecture by visiting Puerto Rican artist Bibiana Suarez.

"Fashion Industry in the Philippines Under American Colonial Occupation" by Dr. Genevieve Clutario
Friday, April 19
10am - 10:50am
Boswell Hall (formerly Morton Hall), Room 20

Harvard University's Dr. Genevieve Clutario will lecture on her research findings on the fashion industry in American colonized Philippines.

Sudan Spring: How Nonviolent Resistance Toppled Sudan's Ruler &  Why the Revolution Continues 
Friday, April 19
4:30pm - 6pm
Chancellors Hall (formerly Tyler Hall), Room 133

 Presented by: Amna Baloul, W&M Class of 2020, Saja Ibrahim, W&M Class of 2021, and Phil Roessler, Associate Professor of Government and Co-Director of CAD

Friday, April 19th 4:00pm in Tyler 133

Popcorn & Cookies included

    UN Chinese Language Day
    Saturday, April 20
    4pm - 6pm
    Preston Hall (Randolph Complex), 1st Floor

    Drop by to enjoy Chinese snacks and games as we celebrate International United Nations Chinese Language Day!

    AMES-APIA Capstone Conference: AMES and APIA Majors Present Their Senior Research Papers
    Monday, April 22
    11:30am - 5pm
    Chancellors Hall (formerly Tyler Hall), Room 322

    AMES-APIA Capstone Conference: Asian and Middle East Studies Majors as well as Asian and Pacific-Islander American Studies Majors Present Their Senior Papers!

    David Eng, AMES Distinguished Keynote Lecture:  (Gay) Panic Attack: Coming Out in a Colorblind Age
    Monday, April 22
    5:15pm - 7pm
    Blow Memorial Hall, Room 331

    David Eng (English, University of Pennsylvania) is the 2019 AMES Distinguished Keynote Lecturer. He will explore the psychic structures  of "colorblindness"  through the experiences of a series of gay, Asian male millennials in North America.

      Student Walk-In Clinic for HPV Vaccine (Gardasil-9)
      Friday, April 26
      10am - 4pm
      McLeod Tyler Wellness Center, Student Health Service (by the water wall)

      Did you know that there is a vaccine against multiple cancers?

      The William & Mary Student Health Center is hosting a Gardasil-9 vaccination clinic for students on 26 April 2019.

      Please bring your insurance card.


        Russian Music Ensemble Concert 
        Saturday, April 27
        Ewell Hall, Recital Hall (Rm 107)
        Chinese Level I
        Monday, April 29 - Wednesday, May 22
        5:10pm - 6:10pm
        Come learn some Chinese and expand your horizons!
        Hulusi Workshop   
        Monday, April 29 - Wednesday, May 22
        5:10pm - 6:10pm
        Rowe House

        Come learn how to play the hulusi, an ancient instrument from southern China!

        WMCI Summer 2019 Community Courses
        Monday, April 29 - Thursday, August 1
        5:10pm - 6:10pm
        Rowe House

        Join us this summer for fun and engaging community courses!

        Chinese Calligraphy Class
        Tuesday, April 30 - Thursday, May 23
        5:10pm - 6:10pm
        Rowe House

        Learn the ancient art of Chinese calligraphy with the Confucius Institute!    

        Chinese Flute Workshop
        Tuesday, April 30 - Thursday, May 23
        5:10pm - 6:10pm
        Rowe House

        Come learn how to play the di, a Chinese flute with thousands of years of history!


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