Celebrate "Careers in Student Affairs"
Wednesday, November 1
4pm - 5:30pm
Sadler Center, The Slice

Join the Division of Student Affairs as we celebrate "Careers in Student Affairs" ... and then learn more about "Leveraging Your Student Leadership Experience to a Career in Higher Education" over in the Cohen Career Center.

Psych Skills for Stress Management
Thursday, November 9
McLeod Tyler Wellness Center, Studio B

This workshop will focus on identifying and practicing strategies to enhance, refine, or rework your approach to pressures so you can cope and thrive in challenging environments.

    Heartbeat: 2023 KASA Chuseok Show
    Saturday, November 11
    3pm - 5pm
    Sadler Center, Commonwealth

    Drag Through the Decades: A Time Warping Drag Show!
    Saturday, November 11
    8pm - 10pm
    Andrews Hall, Room 101

    Welcome to W&M's official drag club's first performance EVER! There will be aliens, time travel, puppets, robots, medieval monks, and more. Come and witness history in the making! 

    Neon Nights Cheerleading Showcase
    Saturday, November 11
    8pm - 10pm
    Sadler Center, Commonwealth Auditorium

    Emerald Elite Cheer is hosting a Stomp n' Shake Cheerleading Showcase: Neon Nights!

    Asian American & Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Focus Group
    Monday, November 13
    3pm - 4pm
    Sadler Center, CSD Conference Room (or room 268p) in the Center for Student Diversity

    Join fellow AANHPI students in a focus group to discuss how mental health professionals can best address the mental health needs of AANHPI students. Any AANHPI identifying student is welcome &  encouraged to join. Food will be provided for participants.

    Disability & Desserts: A Discussion with Sarah Todd Hammer
    Monday, November 13
    6:30pm - 8pm
    Sadler Center, James Room

    A discussion on disability, college life, and self-advocacy with activist, content creator, and author Sarah Todd Hammer! Desserts will be provided, so feel free to stop by for a treat!

    FASA D7 Olympics
    Saturday, November 18 - Sunday, November 19
    University of North Carolina Greensboro

    D7 Olympics is a collaborative sporting event between 9 schools in the FIND District 7 where Traditional Filipino games and other activities, such as capture the flag, are played.