Physical Science Seminar Series
Thursday, October 5
12pm - 1pm
VIMS - Andrews Hall, Dominion Classroom, Room 326

Debbie Bronk hosts:
Seminar Title: ?Where the land meets the sea: nutrient cycling in the coastal Alaskan Arctic?
by: Rachel Sipler, Memorial University, Newfoundland, Canada 

    Ghost forests, zombie shrimp, and space fish: strange but true tales of the salt marsh
    Wednesday, October 11
    7:30pm - 8:30pm
    VIMS - Seaside Hall (Eastern Shore Laboratory)
    New Date! Rescheduled for next week -Learn about the strange animals in the salt marsh and how they have adapted to life between the tides.
    Archaeological Discoveries at Gloucester Point
    Tuesday, October 17
    7pm - 8:30pm
    VIMS - Watermen's Hall, McHugh Auditorium

    Archaeologists with DATA Investigations will explore the exciting discoveries they've made during recent digs on the VIMS campus in Gloucester Point.

    Discovery Lab: Mad Lab
    Tuesday, October 24
    6pm - 8pm
    VIMS - Catlett-Burruss Research and Education Lab
    Explore the wonders of dry ice, slime, and things that glow in the dark! This Halloween-themed lab will have many hands-on activities to explore the creepy, yucky, and slimy parts of science. Registration Required. Click event title for more information.
      October After Hours Lecture - Old and Cold: Greenland sharks and the people that study them
      Thursday, October 26
      7pm - 8pm
      VIMS - Watermen's Hall, McHugh Auditorium
      Join us as Dr. Richard Brill of VIMS shares his research on these fascinating creatures that live longer than any other known vertebrate.