[PAST EVENT] Exhibition: CAFO Culture Visualizing Factory Farming in Virginia

October 16, 2015
5pm - 7pm
1781 Jamestown Rd. Williamsburg, VA
This interdisciplinary exhibition will explore various techniques in the arts and sciences for visualizing environmental impacts of factory farming in Virginia today, specifically concerning concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) also known as factory farms which adversely affect the Chesapeake Bay and other ecosystems. The exhibition is part of a larger project at William & Mary that seeks to open a conversation across disciplines about environmental problems related to CAFOs in Virginia and assess different strategies of visual representation in order to understand how to disseminate information about those problems to the public.

Exhibitors: Raegan Bostic, J.D. Fowler, Lindsay Garcia, Ada Hao, Sarah Kohrs, Katelyn Lindsey, Tim Russell, Brooke Stewart
For more information visit {{http://mappingvacafos.wix.com/mapping-va-cafos}} or contact [[acbraddock]].

[[acbraddock, Alan C. Braddock]] Ralph H. Wark Associate Professor of Art History & American Studies