[PAST EVENT] Honors Thesis Defense: Michael Kopreski

December 12, 2016
1pm - 2pm
Jones Hall, Room 131
200 Ukrop Way
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location

Abstract: A graph G is (d_1,d_2,? ,d_t)-colorable if its vertices may be partitioned into subsets V_1,V_2,...,V_t such that for each i,  the maximum degree of the subgraph induced by V_i is at most d_i.  We study this relaxed coloring of graphs with bounded maximum average degrees. Specifically,  we prove that if maximum average degree of a graph is at most 4a/3+b, then it is (1_1,1_2,...,1_a,0_1,...,0_b)-colorable.  This improves some result by Dorbec, Kaiser, Montassier, and Raspaud (2014, Journal of Graph Theory).


Gexin Yu