[PAST EVENT] Creativity 101: A Guide to Daily Creativity

August 20, 2020
6:30pm - 7:30pm
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Creativity is a muscle. Have you been exercising yours?

Join artist, founder, and your creativity coach Zara Fina Stasi '12 to learn three ways to flex your creativity muscle each day! Please bring a pencil, paper, and an open mind. Open to all (especially those who are currently thinking: 'I don't have a creative bone in my body!' ... Yes, you should come!).

About the presenter:

Zara Fina Stasi '12 the founder of Good for the Bees: a creative studio in NYC using art to help people thrive. She specializes in murals, illustration, visual capture, and painting. She believes all people are creative and finds joy in helping others find their creativity.

Her background is in applied art and strategic placemaking as a global designer and facilitator. She was the first ever National Artist at the Deloitte Greenhouse Innovation Lab. In this role, she spearheaded art as a tool to facilitate sessions with c-suite executives around the world. Her applied art transformed experiences and spaces across the world, including in Mexico City, Shanghai, London, Hong Kong, Rome, Beijing, Amsterdam, Bogota, as well as throughout the US.

Zara has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal and U.S. News & World Report for her work. Her clients include Amazon Web Services, Madewell, KPMG, Facebook, Columbia University, Deloitte, and her Alma Mater, William & Mary.


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