[PAST EVENT] NHPW Series: Why Students Haze webinar

September 6, 2012
2pm - 3pm
The Bee McLeod Recreation Center, Rec Center Conference Room
400 Brooks St
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
Hazing incidents are sometimes attributed to "a few bad apples" or a situation that "just got out of hand." In reality, hazing is typically the result of multiple factors that interact over time to generate this harmful behavior. If we misunderstand the causes of hazing, we are likely to implement strategies that are either ineffective or insufficient. This webinar will examine the social and psychological dynamics of hazing and "move upstream" in the chain of events that give rise to hazing. It will provide a framework for the development of strategies that hold promise for changing the group and institutional practices and cultures that intentionally or unintentionally foster hazing.

[[aharse, Anne Arseneau]]