[PAST EVENT] W&M Arts & Entertainment Conference

November 8, 2012 - November 9, 2012
10am - 10pm
Conference will utilize meeting space at the Cohen Career Center, Alumni House, Williamsburg Hospitality House Hotel, and W&M School of Education - please see agenda for specific locations of events
The theme of this year's conference is The Arts & Entertainment in a Digital Age. The entertainment world is undergoing some drastic changes as the digital revolution spreads into the worlds of film, television, theatre and fine arts. Audiences increasingly get their comedy and drama fix from a laptop, iPad, iPhone or X-Box. This conference will bring together some accomplished industry experts -- many of them alumni -- to discuss how these changes are affecting the writers, designers and producers responsible for creating this content.

The conference will also look at the convergence of entertainment and advertising. Television shows and movies are merging with brand marketing in a variety of ways. Panelists will discuss the ways in which this blending of entertainment and advertising has worked and the ways it has not.

Speakers will include industry experts from the motion picture, television, theatre, advertising and news industries, who will discuss what the entertainment landscape of the next 50 years might look like and how future producers, writers, directors, actors and designers can prepare for that future.

Confirmed speakers include David Abramo '96 (Reebok's Head of Global Media); Karen Hall '78 (Writer, M.A.S.H., Judging Amy); Sheri Holman '88 (Author of A Stolen Tongue); Pete Johnson '91 (VP Creative Advertising, Nickelodeon); David Johnston '86 (Author); Ashley Edward Miller '94 (Screenwriter,Thor, X-Men: First Class); Martha Mountain '86(Lighting Designer); Sara Schaefer '00 (comedian and star of MTV's The Nikki & Sara Show); Robert Wachs '61 (Producer and Founder of The Comic Strip!) and more.

For questions regarding online registration please contact [[wmconf, William & Mary Conference Services]]. For questions regarding conference program content please contact Jimmy Finn at jimmy@northsouth.tv.