[PAST EVENT] Organization Budget Allocation Process 101: How to Request a Budget

April 3, 2024
10am - 11am
Sadler Center James Room

Does your organization plan on requesting a budget/funding from Student Assembly for event, activities, and operations (including competitions or conferences)? If the answer is yes, or even maybe, you will need to come to one of these information sessions.

Organizations that plan on requesting (or are thinking of requesting funding) for the 2024-2025 academic year MUST attend an information session.  Only members who attend this information session on behalf of an organization are authorized to submit a budget on behalf of that organization. 

These sessions will go over the process of requesting a budget, the funding guidelines (i.e. approved/restricted expenses, expectations, etc.), and tips and hints for filling out the budget request submission. This is the first step in requesting a budget allocation and must be completed prior to submitting a budget request. In order to be eligible to submit a budget request, an organization representative must attend this session. Attendance is required once per funding year cycle (Q1-Q4).

***Any individuals who completed this training previously MUST attend another session as that previous training has "expired" and must be "renewed" for each fiscal cycle which starts in March.***

Sponsored by: Organization Budget Allocation Committee and Student Assembly