[PAST EVENT] Same Sex Marriage Debate

February 1, 2012
1pm - 2pm
Law School, Room 119
613 S Henry St
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
There is probably no issue of constitutional law more salient than whether the Constitution protects gay and lesbian couples' decision to marry. Since 1998, 29 states have amended their states constitutions to prohibit gay marriage. In that same time period, six states and the District of Columbia have awarded gay couples the same ability to marry as any other couple. With litigation surging through the federal court system, judges have been forced to grapple with whether the Equal Protection Clause or Due Process Clause prohibit states from banning same-sex marriage. Jordan Lorence, Senior Counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, and Rebecca Glenberg, Legal Director of the ACLU of Virginia, will spar off on the constitutionality of excluding gays and lesbians from the legal definition of marriage.

Lunch will be served.